Underwater Welding

U.S. Underwater Services offers underwater welding services to both inland and offshore clients. We have the unique ability to provide either wet welding or the patented NEPSYS® dry underwater welding system. Depending on our client's needs and/or the project demands, either capability or a combination of the two can be utilized.
Wet Welding
Welding Procedures
We can provide our clients with the formal written welding procedures to the appropriate AWS Standard for Topside and Underwater Welding. The AWS D3.6 Specification is the most widely used underwater welding specification and takes into account certain variables particular to wet welding.
Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) 
Welding Procedure Qualification Record (WPQR)
Welding procedures, which are generally completed to the appropriate AWS Standard for Topside and Underwater Welding, are developed and qualified at our facility in Mansfield, Texas. Observation, testing, and certification can be provided by independent classification societies including Lloyds, DNV and ABS. Completed weld test samples are sent to an independent, accredited testing service for certification.
NEPSYS® Underwater Dry Weld System
NEPSYS® is a unique, patented, and class-approved technology that produces a permanent underwater dry weld that meets industry quality standards. This revolutionary system is extremely flexible and can be used for new construction or a variety of underwater welding repairs.
NEPSYS® can be used on plate steel, rudders, bilge keels, and propellers. It is also the perfect solution for repairs to oil rigs, platforms, pipelines and sub-sea structures; as well as, dams, locks, jetties, intakes, gates and other inland marine infrastructures.
U.S. Underwater Services has an exclusive license in North America and Gulf of Mexico on the NEPSYS® system which is owned by Neptune Marine Services.
NEPSYS®  Features and Benefits
Permanent Weld
  • High structural quality that, unlike wet welding, requires no rework
Lower Direct Costs
  • More cost effective than hyperbaric, cofferdam, and dry docking approaches
Lower Indirect Costs
  • Elimination of costs associated with transit to/from dry dock and dry dock waiting time
  • Equipment is easy to transport for rapid response to emergency repairs
Low Impact On Operations
  • NEPSYS® affords an in situ repair that does not disrupt or delay normal activities
Class Approved
  • Lloyds, DNV and ABS

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