Rig Support Services

U.S. Underwater Services is the leading provider of comprehensive rig inspection, repair, and maintenance services (IRM) in the Gulf of Mexico; providing a wide range of experience and capabilities to many of the world’s largest offshore drilling companies.

Our commitment to safety, quality, customer service, and professionalism has earned U.S. Underwater services a reputation that is unequaled in the commercial diving industry.

In addition to UWILD inspections and Class Surveys, U.S. Underwater Services also provides the following rig support services:
  • Hull repairs, cleaning, and removal of marine growth
  • Thruster replacements, maintenance, and repairs
  • Seachest inspections, repairs, and maintenance (Including modifications and support to satisfy EPA requirements)
  • Anode refits and cathodic protection surveys (sacrificial and ICCP)
  • Certified underwater welding repairs, including Nepsys ®
  • Surveys for positioning, scouring, and damage
  • Valve plugging and replacement support
  • Site surveys, site clearing, and debris removal
  • Underwater cutting and burning
  • Subsea equipment repairs and installations
  • Underwater confined space entries
  • Asset presale surveys
  • Object recovery and equipment salvage

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