UWILD Inspections

Underwater inspection(s) in lieu of dry-docking, or UWILD inspections, are required to ensure the structural and operational integrity of a marine asset.

Completing these surveys with divers, while on location, saves the asset owner and their clients both time and money by reducing downtime, limiting time off-contract, and reducing or eliminating the need for expensive and limited dry-dock space.

U.S. Underwater maintains American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and Det Norske Veritas (DNV) certifications for the in-water inspection and survey of ships, high speed and light craft, and mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs).

All of our inspectors and inspection divers are American Society of Non-destructive Testing (ASNT)-certified.

Subsea and topside non-destructive testing inspection services include:

  • Eddy current inspection (ECI)
  • Magnetic particle inspection (MPI)
  • Ultrasonic thickness gauging (UT)
  • Visual testing method (VT)
  • Dye penetrant testing method (PT)
  • Other inspection methods are available upon request

Platform Inspections and Life Extension Services

As an extension of our underwater inspection in lieu of dry-docking (UWILD) inspections and class surveys, U.S. Underwater also provides the following platform support services:

  • Level II-IV platform inspections
  • Platform life extension services, to include structural member replacements and repairs
  • Certified underwater welding repairs, including Nepsys ®
  • Cathodic protection surveys and anode replacement
  • Damage and post-storm inspections and repairs
  • Site surveys, site clearing, and debris removal
  • Underwater cutting and burning
  • Subsea equipment repairs and installations

Underwater Welding

U.S. Underwater offers underwater welding services to both inland and offshore clients. We can provide our clients with the formal written welding procedures to the appropriate AWS Standard for topside and underwater welding. The AWS D3.6 Specification is the most widely used underwater welding specification and considers variables particular to wet welding.

We have experience performing underwater welding repairs in many industrial applications, including:

  • Cathodic protection systems
  • In-service water tank repairs
  • Sluice gate repairs
  • Bulkhead repairs
  • Hull repair

Rig Support Services

U.S. Underwater is the leading provider of comprehensive rig inspection, repair, and maintenance services (IRM) in the Gulf of Mexico, providing a wide range of experience and capabilities to many of the world’s largest offshore drilling companies.

Our commitment to safety, quality, customer service, and professionalism has earned U.S. Underwater a reputation that is unequaled in the commercial diving industry.

In addition to underwater inspection in lieu of dry-docking (UWILD) inspections and class surveys, U.S. Underwater also provides the following rig support services:

  • Hull repairs, cleaning, and removal of marine growth
  • Thruster replacements, maintenance, and repairs
  • Seachest inspections, repairs, and maintenance (including modifications and support to satisfy EPA requirements)
  • Anode refits and cathodic protection surveys (sacrificial and ICCP)
  • Certified underwater welding repairs, including Nepsys ®
  • Surveys for positioning, scouring, and damage
  • Valve plugging and replacement support
  • Site surveys, site clearing, and debris removal
  • Underwater cutting and burning
  • Subsea equipment repairs and installations
  • Underwater confined space entries
  • Asset presale surveys
  • Object recovery and equipment salvage

ADCI Brochure

Hurricane Storm Response and Recovery

During the past two decades, U.S. Underwater has been involved in numerous projects to assist clients (both inland and offshore) responding to the impact of hurricanes and tropical storms.

Being based in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex allows our dive teams to coordinate and deploy resources anywhere in the gulf coast area.

We are committed to helping government entities and commercial businesses get their assets back into operation efficiently and safely.

Examples of some of the services we can provide:

On Shore/Inland

  • Underwater inspections
    • Dams and levees
    • Intake structures
    • Docks, harbors, and marinas
    • Seawall inspections
    • Outfalls
    • Bridges
    • Pipelines
  • Dredging, flood debris, and sediment removal
    • Intake structures
    • Retention ponds
    • Bayous
  • Pipeline scouring and cover surveys
  • Pipeline exposure remediation
  • Equipment salvage and recovery operations
  • Pressure washing and chlorination of potable water storage facilities
  • HAZMAT divers for wastewater facilities

Near Shore/Offshore

  • Underwater inspection and damage assessment
    • Rig/mobile offshore drilling units
    • Vessel hull inspections
    • Platforms (Level II, III, IV)
    • Pipelines
  • Scouring surveys and scouring mitigation
  • Pipeline stabilization
  • Pipeline exposure remediation
  • Pipeline scouring and cover surveys
  • Boat salvage operations
  • Site surveys, site clearance, and debris removal